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Keffiyeh scarf with Palestinian Embroidery

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Brand: Ola's Garden
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Keffiyeh scarf with Palestinian Embroidery 

One of the unique Keffiyeh Scarves

Combination of keffiyeh the traditional Jordanian\Palestinian scarf with Palestinian Embroidery and tassels

Wear a simple outfit and put on one of these amazing keffiyeh scarves  

Get yourself on of the Keffiyeh Scarves and enjoy a stunning look

The Keffiyeh or kufiya also known as a ghutrah, shemagh, ḥaṭṭah, is a traditional Arab headdress for men of any rank, worn throughout the Middle-East region and North Africa; folded square scarf, made of cotton polyester and acrylic


What is a Keffiyeh scarf used for?

The Keffiyeh is commonly used to provide protection from sun and dust, in winter it protects from rain and cold, today it’s a fashion accessory that ads a touch of ethnicity to the outfit


What does Keffiyeh symbolize for?

Significance of the Keffiyeh varies depending on time, place and culture; color and style of the Keffiyeh is different from one country to another


What does the black and white Keffiyeh scarf mean?

Palestinian Keffiyeh "black and white Keffiyeh" is a national pride; symbol for solidarity protests and demonstrations, the Keffiyeh gained popularity among activists. Artists, musicians, activists, and designers wear the Keffiyeh, too, supporting people longing for freedom


Is the Keffiyeh religious?

Keffiyeh has no particular religious symbolism related to the Islamic faith or any other religion


Now the Keffiyeh became a fashion accessory, it became very popular among the young generation as will as men and women every where in the world



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